We’re Meridian Line, an Edmonton-area musical trio with a unique sound and presence. Our primary raison d’ê·tre – other than to entertain our audiences – is to ‘twist’ familiar pop, folk, and rock songs from the last few decades into memorable interpretations. Our band’s “boomer-folk” style is like no other and includes a few standard folk, country, and bluegrass tunes along with the aforementioned deformed-yet-delicious songs.

If you haven’t figured it out already, that’s us in the picture above. From left to right we are: Rik Cormier, Ian Bowden, and Rick Diesbourg. (Yes, we have two “ricks” in the trio! Ian refers to them as his “side-ricks.”)

Formed in 2011, our threesome has elbowed its way onto stages at B-grade music festivals, out-of-the-way coffee shops, and the occasional benefit gig. The band’s unique instrumentation and harmony vocals from all three members leaves a lasting impression on all of its audience members, some of which inevitably require post-performance therapy.

Use the links on our site to learn more about us, what music we’re playing and where were playing it, and how to contact us. If you look hard enough, you might even find a few videos of us performing and find a few songs to listen to — ’cause we’re not the least bit shy.

We sure hope to see you sitting in the audience at one of our concerts really soon!

Rik, Rick, and Ian